This year SDYC is trying something new, our main source of communication and information will now be through the WHOVA app. It is a free app that puts all the information that would be in printed booklets, websites, and posters in one place. We chose to use this app for three main reasons. 

  • First, it will streamline information. We want to get all the information out in a timely and accurate manner, and paper booklets are becoming more difficult and expensive to produce. We can make changes and updates almost instantly.  
  • Second, it increases engagement in a safe controlled environment. We wanted to increase connectivity and engagement between attendees. With multiple churches from all over the district, it’s hard to get outside your own group at SDYC. We know teenagers are on their phones a lot so we wanted to utilize that at SDYC and provide a fun, safe, and controlled way for teenagers to connect with each other and even the guest speakers more easily! That is what the Whova app specializes in! Attendees can interact with each other, sponsors can create meet-ups (like when and where they will meet to go home), and there is a fun leaderboard that keeps track of those who interact with different elements through the app.
  • Third, it provides more resources. We live in a world where teenagers want more than just a message from a person on a stage. They want to discuss, ask questions, and be provided with more resources. With the Whova app, we can offer more spiritual discipleship resources than ever before.  

This means you can bring your phone and put it to good use during SDYC!  


Do I need Wi-Fi to use it?

  • No. Even though Ridgepoint does have free Wi-Fi available, the main content of the app like schedule, location, etc. will be available even offline.  

Is the Whova App safe, Can Anyone Just Download It? Can Parents Sign Up?

  • One of the reasons we chose the Whova app is because it’s “closed” which means only registered attendees will have access to the event on the app. This makes it more difficult to sign up (see below) but makes it safer so only attendees can participate.  
  • This also means unless you as a parent are also attending SDYC you will not have access to the event, only your student and adult leaders will.  

Do I need an access code?

  • No. All registered students and adults will be added to the app the week of SDYC.  Watch out for a notification email.

Are people monitoring this app at all?

  • Yes. We will have several approved leaders monitoring all content that goes on the app and anything inappropriate will be removed immediately. Several things even require approval and so there are checks and balances built into the app. There is also a report feature if people see something that is not right.  

Can more than one person use the same email?

  • No. The most difficult part of the Whova app, and it is purely for safety. Only attendees will have access to the event. So there is no sharing of emails with siblings or parent emails. We ask that each student will use their personal email (or their parent’s email if their parent is not attending). If you have any questions, please contact us at:  

How do I sign in or get the app?

  • Each attendee will receive an email invite the week of SDYC (around Nov. 13) with a link to download the app and invite for the SDYC event. If you don’t get the link please contact us at  


Step 1: Download the app or open the invite email (the week of SDYC).  

Step 2: Enter the email address you used to register for the event (or your personal email). You cannot use an email that will also be used by another attendee (like a sibling or parent).  

Step 3: Create a password and type your name (please use your real name). Fake name accounts will be deleted.

Step 4: Edit your profile. Other attendees will use this to connect with you so make it look nice!

Step 5: The app will take you to your event page automatically. There you will have access to all the information about the event.

If you have any questions about the Whova App, please contact us at:


SDYC stands for our Southern District Youth Conference which is our denomination’s annual youth conference.  At this weekend conference, senior high students will recharge their batteries by experiencing encouraging worship and biblical messages. They will have a chance to reconnect with fellow believers, and they will have the opportunity to recommit, or commit, to living out their Christian faith in an ever-changing world.

Who: Senior High Students (grades 9 -12)
When: November 17-19, 2023
Where: Ridgepoint Church, Wichita, Kansas 
Cost: $80.00 per person (includes student and adult registrations) by October 27. After October 27, cost is $100.00 per person. Cancellation fee of $20.00 for cancellations after October 27.
(Includes a t-shirt! *t-shirt will not be guaranteed for those that register after October 27.) You pay directly to your church. Please check your final cost with them before submitting payment.
Speaker: Joanna Chapa
Band: Presence Worship
Theme: Rhythm

All Students and Adults Register by clicking the box below:

Download our 2023 Promo Packet:


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