Camp Changes for 2017!

After much thoughtful discussion and prayer over the past several years, Youth Commission has decided to alter some of the ages for Kids Camp and Junior High Camp. Below are the age ranges for all camps beginning in 2017. Students are categorized by the highest grade they have completed.

Kids Camp at Tabor College 3rd—5th grade students
Junior High Camp at Sky Ranch 6th—8th grade students
Senior High Camp at Horn Creek 9th—12th grade students

The primary motivator for these changes was the 6th grade group. With an increasing number of churches and schools classifying 6th grade as part of Junior High, it was natural to discuss this as a possibility. Feedback from and observation of Kids Camp also revealed that many 6th grade students were ‘outgrowing’ the Kids Camp experience. Lastly, as students have completed the 6th grade, it is certain that they will be participating in Junior High Ministry programming with the coming school year if they have not already been doing so. Allowing these students to attend camp with their age appropriate group gives them an opportunity to bond with their classmates and hopefully form a more close-knit Junior High Youth Group.

Removing 6th grade from Kids Camp led Youth Commission and the Kids Camp director to discuss the possibility of adding 3rd grade students. The decision was made to bring a small group of 3rd grade students to Kids Camp as a trial run. This was informative and helpful in discerning as we moved forward. The addition of 3rd grade students is raising discussion about the length and schedule of Kids Camp to more appropriately accommodate adding a younger demographic. Those final decisions have not yet been made, but they are being discussed.

These new age brackets for camps will be reflected on registration forms in the spring. If you have any questions about this decision please contact Sara Jo Waldron, Youth Commission Chair or Russ Claassen, District Youth Minister.